The problem with orgy, is that you never know whose leg it is. At Syfy, you never know what will be the unnatural crossover that will emerge from the mind of creative designers. Some franchises even have a real critical success and managed to unite the fans, this is the case for example of Sharknado, or the Two-Headed Shark, or Sharktopus. For those who don’t know, Sharknado is the story of a tornado that transports hordes of hungry sharks… It’s often said that horror movies reflect fears of real era. We had the fear of the nuclear weapon in the 50’s and in the 80’s the Cold War was the center point of many movies. Then came the fear of epidemic, and terrorists, but I don’t know what to think of the fear of sharks with two heads or spiders who spit lava. Genetics? Yes, you read right, in Lavantula an earthquake hits Los Angeles and giant spiders that spit molten lava balls emerge, with one goal in their lives: erase Los Angeles.

The recipe is quite simple:
– A catastrophe that brings out killer animals, ideally mutants and giants ;
– A former movie star who is struggling to pay his taxes, and brings the artistic bail in all this project ;
– A special effect company who has 15 days to produce cheapest visual effects as possible.
Oh yes, I forgot: the script. Don’t worry, Syfy has texts with holes and in an evening with pizzas, beer and music, the creators invent a new concept.


This is not so mean. Z series always surf on a mainstream idea to sell videos (VHS, then DVD, then Blu-Ray) and there is usually humor so it can even be fun watching these TV movies without thinking too much. But sometimes, it’s not fun, just pathetic. And then you realize your are loosing your time.

Camel Spider

Camel Spider

Everyone received months ago that picture by mail.I don’t care about the content of the mail, which is obviously a hoax about what can do a “camel spider”. A unusual story reminds me of this arachnid… A family in the USA was forced to move because of the discovery of a camel spider in the house. This monster surely returned from Afghanistan with daddy, a paratrooper in the US Army. I still wanted to know about this “spider” even if I have a deep aversion to these animals… it also fascinates me… something like morbid curiosity I guess.

So, first of all: it’s not a spider. It’s a solifugid. It’s an arachnid, that’s right, but not in the Araneae classification. Apart from this, it’s ugly and I would not find it at home! It’s about 15 centimeters (with legs) and you must not believe your eyes when looking at the image. It does not make venom, but it bites (and that must hurt). They feed critters like scorpions, it can still nab a small lizard.

The arachnophobia is common. We have to make the difference between fear and photbia. It’s normal to be afraid of big ugly monsters, who wouldn’t?