With series like Ash vs Evil Dead, we must admit that it is difficult to be in line with French legistlation on downloading medias. Finally this serie of ten episodes is simply the Evil Dead 4 fans waited from Sam Raimi! We suspected a feature film with Bruce Campbell in the role of Ashley Williams, and we had finally resigned: Evil Dead was… dead. Or worse, someone else would ruin the franchise with a remake or reboot. The second option was the worst, but hopefully, Sam Raimi has taken his baby from hell! I’d never imagined that Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan and Bruce Campbell would make a TV serie. That’s a nice move, when we see the success of a horror show like The Walking Dead.


Let’s go for a pilot directed by Sam Raimi himself and a serie co-produced by Bruce Campbell and the Raimis brothers, which quite honestly is well worth a visit, because this show is gore (and it’s on TV, we would never see this in France…), and humor is always present with the anti-hero attitude of Ash.
Ash lives in an Airstream caravan and he flirts with any woman he finds using his missing hand in various lies to convince them to have sex. He always works in a DIY store and he is hated by his boss. Unfortunately, he makes a big mistake with the Necronomicon kept in a trunk in his caravan and Deadites spot him… i’s a flood of demons who are now trying to nab the poor Ash. He stood ready of course, for our greatest happiness. This time he will not be alone as he recruits two assistants (two colleagues) and therefore it is a fine team who must make a choice between hiding to avoid being busted or attack to put a term to the return of demons.

I am satisfied (as seems to be critics and viewer, you just have to take a look at the Imdb note), this serie meets my expectations.

Superhero on big screen is not always a great success, but Sam Raimi created his version of Spiderman. I love Sam Raimi. If we consider only his work as a director and not his co-production career, there is the Evil Dead’s trilogy, Darkman, Crimewave, Drag me to Hell, and the first episode of the excellent series Ash vs Evil Dead, and therefore, Spiderman 1,2 and 3. Whiners are already raising that Crimewave and Darkman are not masterpieces… yes. But I remember that I laughed very loud when I saw Crimewave the first time. But I’m not here to talk about Raimis brothers’ career, that would be a complete new article on this blog. Sam Raimi has directed Spiderman with Kirsten Dunst and… uh… the guy… Tobey Maguire! There are also Jess Franco, Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina. And Kirsten Dunst. Oh, I already mentioned her sorry. So this trilogy with Kirsten Dunst picks up the story from the beginning, showing the origins of the superhero, and he faces vilains who were nice, then became evil, then nice again. Sam Raimi directs with humor. In the plans, in the sequences and in the moves of the camera, Sam Raimi is facetious and it’s obvious he enjoys filming. We already felt this 30 years ago in Evil Dead! This is here an adaptation of a comic where Peter Parker is a teenager, almost a kid in his head (unlike Batman, weathered by life). When he is not fighting the bad guys, he is a nice guy not too smart with human being. He is in love with a girl who never know what she really wants. She dreams of stuff but is struggling to decide what she wants or what she feels. But as she is Kirsten Dunst, I want to be in love too.


The technical progress between the first and the third movie is significant. You will be impressed by incredible scenes in Spiderman 3, and the vilain is much more “supernatural” than in the two previous movies, and always Kirsten Dunst (well dressed, unlike in the first two movies where she dresses like a bag). Peter Parker is still not at ease with girls. Another character gives the movie its entertaining: J.K. Simmons aka Jonah Jameson, the editorial’s chef! He is tasty.

I said it: I love Sam Raimi (and Kirsten Dunst). These three Spiderman deserve their place in a video library. However I still have to see the two movies by Marc Webb (the right name for a Spiderman movie…). I hope it’s not better that Sam’s directings but Emma Stone is M.J. She is not Kirsten Dunst… but OK, Emma Stone.

When I see how some people make an idea of a subject on the Internet, I wonder if they go beyond the first page in Google. The second page is something like a light deep web, where sites have much less visitors and where the contents are supposed to be less interesting than the websites on the sacrosanct first page. I do not even mention the other pages. Google gives a hard 14 billions results in half a second (yes, see the image below), but why?

14 milliards

14 billions

Yet, are the results on the first page the most relevant? Or the most promoted? We are entitled to ask. We do not know much about the politics of the “firm”, and what economic or commercial interests prevail on the importance of guide you to the right website. So follow this advice: do not believe what you find in the first search result page… or at least go a little further, alternative answers are often the most interesting to read.

The problem with orgy, is that you never know whose leg it is. At Syfy, you never know what will be the unnatural crossover that will emerge from the mind of creative designers. Some franchises even have a real critical success and managed to unite the fans, this is the case for example of Sharknado, or the Two-Headed Shark, or Sharktopus. For those who don’t know, Sharknado is the story of a tornado that transports hordes of hungry sharks… It’s often said that horror movies reflect fears of real era. We had the fear of the nuclear weapon in the 50’s and in the 80’s the Cold War was the center point of many movies. Then came the fear of epidemic, and terrorists, but I don’t know what to think of the fear of sharks with two heads or spiders who spit lava. Genetics? Yes, you read right, in Lavantula an earthquake hits Los Angeles and giant spiders that spit molten lava balls emerge, with one goal in their lives: erase Los Angeles.

The recipe is quite simple:
– A catastrophe that brings out killer animals, ideally mutants and giants ;
– A former movie star who is struggling to pay his taxes, and brings the artistic bail in all this project ;
– A special effect company who has 15 days to produce cheapest visual effects as possible.
Oh yes, I forgot: the script. Don’t worry, Syfy has texts with holes and in an evening with pizzas, beer and music, the creators invent a new concept.


This is not so mean. Z series always surf on a mainstream idea to sell videos (VHS, then DVD, then Blu-Ray) and there is usually humor so it can even be fun watching these TV movies without thinking too much. But sometimes, it’s not fun, just pathetic. And then you realize your are loosing your time.

Camel Spider

Camel Spider

Everyone received months ago that picture by mail.I don’t care about the content of the mail, which is obviously a hoax about what can do a “camel spider”. A unusual story reminds me of this arachnid… A family in the USA was forced to move because of the discovery of a camel spider in the house. This monster surely returned from Afghanistan with daddy, a paratrooper in the US Army. I still wanted to know about this “spider” even if I have a deep aversion to these animals… it also fascinates me… something like morbid curiosity I guess.

So, first of all: it’s not a spider. It’s a solifugid. It’s an arachnid, that’s right, but not in the Araneae classification. Apart from this, it’s ugly and I would not find it at home! It’s about 15 centimeters (with legs) and you must not believe your eyes when looking at the image. It does not make venom, but it bites (and that must hurt). They feed critters like scorpions, it can still nab a small lizard.

The arachnophobia is common. We have to make the difference between fear and photbia. It’s normal to be afraid of big ugly monsters, who wouldn’t?