The iPhone and its charger

I saw today a site specializing in “economy” (something that starts with “capi” and ends with “tal”) mentioning the fact that the next smartphone of the apple brand, as they say, would be sold without its charger. My first reaction was: “What a bastard! Yet another way to make economies of scale and force the purchase of an accessory and therefore to get the margin that you don’t necessarily make on the hardware itself”. And then I read the comments…

We’ve all changed phones a few times over the last few decades. Sometimes out of necessity, often out of envy. iPhone owners know it: the new model is reaching out to them! Buying is almost compulsive and it’s hard to be judgmental in the face of such an attitude (“don’t throw the first stone”). Connections have been standardized and it is obvious that most phones now charge with the same plug (USB-C for example) so what is the point of having a new charger all the time? Sometimes the powers are different but even this point tends to standardize. Finally, Apple’s proposal not to provide the charger systematically with the phone is perhaps a bad thing for a good. What about all those chargers that we don’t know what to do with, that we store, or worse: that we throw away? What about the very idea of producing more chargers than the amount actually used in the end?

We can see the evil everywhere, and it is certain that in a firm like this, profit guides decisions. The “green” idea that will be the one put forward contains a good dose of hypocrisy. However, if we show utilitarianism, the idea is not so bad.