The world after

The coronavirus crisis would be a warning issued by nature to remind mankind that it has a place in a larger whole. Humanity is therefore bound to rethink its attitude and no longer set out to conquer wilderness areas for enrichment; it will no longer destroy entire areas of the planet just for money and power. The governments of all countries will have no choice but to impose on societies a reasonable and responsible attitude leading to the survival of all humanity.

No! Money that has been lost will have to be earned in every way! The GDP, this financial indicator, is the only indicator that needs to be turned back to green! Liberal governments have only one ambition: to accumulate as much wealth as possible, to rejoice in strong growth. The direction will be set in one word: deregulation. The trend that has been going on for decades will only get worse. States will limit aid to the most disadvantaged, and in particular to the unemployed, so as to force them to accept the first job they get, at the imposed wage; the minimum wage will stagnate until it becomes an old rule forgotten by all; flexibility will increase, giving companies every possible latitude to hire the labour they need on a daily basis; privatisation is going to be extreme since the only possible path is that of the disengagement of the State.

The first decisions taken during the “state of health emergency” in France already point in this direction: removing the limit on the number of hours worked per week, letting the boss decide on the dates of holidays and even imposing them outside the usual framework of the labour code… the government even has a dream social situation to pass the pill on the account of a deficit that will be record high and of funds emptied by the very social protection that it will be a matter of destroying. Let us add to these social measures profound changes to the texts relating to individual freedoms, with a strong temptation to find out who crossed whose path… in the name of health security, we would forget certain fundamental freedoms.

The next world is not going to be a happy one. Mass unemployment, business bankruptcies, antisocial measures and freedom-destroying measures: it will be much worse than before, I fear.