Stranger Things: masterpiece

I do not know what else to say about this series: you have to watch it. But I can at least write a little about it. Inspired by the 80s of ET, but also by “Stand by me” and the universe of Stephen King in general, calling into mind the “Goonies”… Stranger Things is perfectly modern but will especially speak to children of the 80s.

The time of the action is incertain, due to the presence of cars from the old times but some technologies from the 21st century. The story: a child disappears on his way home after a role-playing game and while his friends are worried, an unknown girl finds refuge with them: she will be called Eleven due a mysterious tattoo on her arm. Then, children adventure in a world of adults, in pursuit of Demogorgon which has kidnapped their friend. The story of Eleven will reveal during the episodes, and you will fall in love with Eleven, due to the incredible talent of Millie Bobby Brown. Note that all the actors are excellent, the children of course but also Winona Ryder in a really strong role.

Netflix announced a second season, but if you have the opportunity to watch the first season of Stranger Things, you should not miss.