Hide this nipple Facebook can’t see

I’m not the first one to note that Facebook strangely considers what is shocking or not. If you post a video of a guy executing a hostage, Facebook won’t warn you. If you post a picture of a girl in lingerie, you will be banned. Facebook considers a butt more shocking than a Nazi salute. I have to confess I prefer the ass. The ultimate outrage is a nipple. We all know that Americans have problems with female nudity (or semi nudity). You may have heard of the “free the nipple” movement which tries to prove that female breasts are not necessarily sexual. That’s as stupid as censoring the F-word. We all know hundred of other rude words that are not censored.
You must realise that is just a nipple issue. We are not talking about genitals but a part of the body that men and women equally have! Note that the nipple is forbidden, but not the entire breasts. I guess this is mainly a religious matter from the past. I’m not saying I want to see nipples everywhere but I agree that a nipple is not sexual. Some artists censor themselves in photography, what a shame.
Free the fucking nipple!