Ash vs Evil Dead, can’t not download it

With series like Ash vs Evil Dead, we must admit that it is difficult to be in line with French legistlation on downloading medias. Finally this serie of ten episodes is simply the Evil Dead 4 fans waited from Sam Raimi! We suspected a feature film with Bruce Campbell in the role of Ashley Williams, and we had finally resigned: Evil Dead was… dead. Or worse, someone else would ruin the franchise with a remake or reboot. The second option was the worst, but hopefully, Sam Raimi has taken his baby from hell! I’d never imagined that Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan and Bruce Campbell would make a TV serie. That’s a nice move, when we see the success of a horror show like The Walking Dead.


Let’s go for a pilot directed by Sam Raimi himself and a serie co-produced by Bruce Campbell and the Raimis brothers, which quite honestly is well worth a visit, because this show is gore (and it’s on TV, we would never see this in France…), and humor is always present with the anti-hero attitude of Ash.
Ash lives in an Airstream caravan and he flirts with any woman he finds using his missing hand in various lies to convince them to have sex. He always works in a DIY store and he is hated by his boss. Unfortunately, he makes a big mistake with the Necronomicon kept in a trunk in his caravan and Deadites spot him… i’s a flood of demons who are now trying to nab the poor Ash. He stood ready of course, for our greatest happiness. This time he will not be alone as he recruits two assistants (two colleagues) and therefore it is a fine team who must make a choice between hiding to avoid being busted or attack to put a term to the return of demons.

I am satisfied (as seems to be critics and viewer, you just have to take a look at the Imdb note), this serie meets my expectations.