Gore: yes ; Torture porn: no

Yes, I write this a pack of years after the war … but thinking about it, I thought it was worth writing it.
I like gore. The viscera, the blood, the brain, the dismemberments: it’s nice. But it’s not because there is blood that I will enjoy it… and that’s why I struggle with “torture porn”. Think of Eli Roth’s Hostel or one of the very first episodes of The Walking Dead S07. You know what I mean? Pain is not the emotional register that suits me.
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Fillon, symptom or disease

Fillon is not the first and will not be the last. The guy in the presidential election (highly symbolic moment in our Republic) and is surprised that his choices in life are explored. He is a politician for over 35 years and comes from the same mold as Balkany, Sarkozy and others, soaked to the bone in habits that no one dared disturb until Cahuzac and his hidden account. And the entire political class (right wing mainly) takes offense to this witch hunt without even notice the vigilance of the media (and other citizens) on the integrity of elected officials.
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