Fillon, symptom or disease

Fillon is not the first and will not be the last. The guy in the presidential election (highly symbolic moment in our Republic) and is surprised that his choices in life are explored. He is a politician for over 35 years and comes from the same mold as Balkany, Sarkozy and others, soaked to the bone in habits that no one dared disturb until Cahuzac and his hidden account. And the entire political class (right wing mainly) takes offense to this witch hunt without even notice the vigilance of the media (and other citizens) on the integrity of elected officials.

This is especially important when many politicians are singing loudly the alleged necessary of austerity in which the poors and the employee shall accept a wage freeze, and associations see their subsidies cut off. and money goes in the financial pockets and big bosses.

Penelope Fillon has benefited from a fictitious job. I do not even want to use the conditional so it seems obvious. I could be wrong, of course, but this kind of work necessarily leave traces (mails, appearances in local newspapers …) and here she was the invisible woman, self called housewife and who says she never “assisted” her husband … it’s true we do not like handouts in this modern bourgeoisie. Fillon and his supporters show (if still need to) the gap between the people and the “elite” (which are the elites than the position they give themselves). Some even dare to say that in any case the parliamentary job is not paid enough … or that what earned Mrs Fillon is ultimately not more than what an employee can earn in his 40 years of work life… You realize some insult that represents?

People deserves to know this. Yes it casts discredit on the political class and it will impact the election, but that’s good. Why should we shut illegal actions? To guarantee to those same crooks to remain in their seats? The “extreme” may benefit from this vote, but it would forget that they are just as wet. One has only to see Le Pen and his assistants paid by Europe, but not working for Europe. It is by dint of digging into the dirty business that the political class will be cleaned. It will be long, certainly imperfect, but it has to be done.

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