1977, the year of Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon, aka Stéphanie Blum, is an actress and erotic model. She has also acted in the porn industry. She is in front of the camera during all the 70s and the 80s but his year of glory is 1977. In this particular year she was in “Candid”, “Male”, “Cavalcade”, “Rascal”, “Cavalier”, “Best for Men”, “Mr.” and “Man’s delight”. She was in some porn movies for “Nudies-Cuties”, so you will have some erotic and pornographic stuff to see.
Information about her is hard to find so if you know something about her (biography, filmography) you can leave a comment!


Linda Gordon

A growing selection is available here: nsfwpics.mryome.com :

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Some porn stuff (images) are available on this other blog, but beware, that’s only adult stuff! Go on t.pornophiliaque.com :

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Small bonus, this old video (soft) with Linda Gordon